Fresh interview with an anti-feminist

We live in the 21-st century, magnificent 2016, 4-th or maybe even 5-th wave (I’m just joking, but who knows!) of feminism is ruling over our daily lives. Seems that we have all been indoctrinated into being feminists, even the most misogynistic men. However, recently there has been a serious increase in number of people who believe that feminism is not necessary at all in this very day and age. Does anyone really honestly have a choice not to be a feminist and not be shamed by our ‘righteous’ society?

In order to find some other answer to that sacramental and provocative question rather than ‘no’, I interviewed my friend Tosya who is an artist, raver and most importantly, a female.

Me: Thank you again for this interview! Now, tell me please, why exactly did you say that you are proud not to be a feminist?

T: I believe that in my country feminism is just no longer necessary. Well, at least in the way in which it is being promoted. Overall, term ‘feminism’ now has transformed completely.

M: I do agree, but in the way, the process of linguistic and semiotic transformation is inevitable, although, it rarely happens in a positive way.

T: Yes, sadly, nowadays feminism is being reduced to rough misandrism and real problems that feminists should solve are simply left unattended. This is just not right.

M: Tell me more about your opinion on modern feminists, this sounds rather intriguing.

T: Nowadays any girl that does not shave and colors her armpits and etc. calls herself a feminist and that’s not fair to real feminists who worked hard to fulfill their original goals such as emancipation and rights to vote. These radical actions are, in fact, rather repelling for adequate people and only work against feminists stopping people from taking them seriously.

M: That is a very interesting point of view. Would you then say that this is the problem of feminism all around the world?

T: Only to a certain extent, actually. Usefulness of it really does depend on the geolocation because4 it usually defines mentality.

M: Points you made a very smart, thank you. It was very nice to finally get to talk to you!



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