Inexpensive entertainment in expensive London

If you are anything like me,all your savings are in prayers and you are struggling to keep up to your own expectations of London lifestyle, this post is for you. Or just for anyone who does not want to spend a lot of money on entertainment and food.


 For me it’s like a free comedy show and free drinks. always works. Well, 99% works. Like that time when Victor turned out to be Victoria and asked me to pay for his/her drinks as well as for mine.
Regent’s Canal

 Beautiful walks and amazing sceneries guaranteed, and all for free. Beautiful European-like experience. One further advantage is that such walls will help you keep fit.

 Free galleries

 London boasts with free entry galleries such as Tate, Tate modern and Serpentine and many others. One other option for families or nature lovers is to spend a day in Horniman museum and gardens. Massive park, gardens, a few cafes on the site and of course, the museum itself. Found the place really fascinating, having all those toxidermic animals in there.

Chinese buffets 

 One of the best things in life for me. 10 pounds, one plate and absolutely endless amounts of food. I think that this is something everyone should try at least once in their London life.


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