And what have you achieved in this life?

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3 favourite places in London

First on the list has to be Canary Warf. Does not look like your typical London (more of a Chicago to me) but is a great place for evening walks and meals. It is not just one of business meccas is London, but also a great place of power and beautiful architecture. Hard to describe it, but go there and you will instantly fall in love with those great big skyscrapers, small parks and beautiful views from the embankment.

Canary Wharf



Shoreditch and Brick Lane. A massive urban area full of small shops and bars which will be perfect for people of all age groups and interests. Best places for nights out will be for sure found there, no matter what day of the week it is. It is open every day of the week, unlike other places in London, however, definitely go Bricklane on Sunday for antique market, vintage shops, underground bars and tiny cafes. It continues straight to the stylish area of Shoreditch which is always full of weirdly fashionable individuals who perfectly fit in with the surroundings full of street art and graffitis.

Queen of Hoxton Rooftop

Barbican. An astonishing location which hosts all sorts of events including classical music concerts, cinema views and discussions, controversial art exhibitions (like the insane Forever Loop in 2015) and even lectures. There is also a secret garden inside, however, I don’t really know who you have to sell your soul to in order to get in there. But don’t get upset, the outside yard area which looks like buildings from Orwell’s 1984 is also amazingly beautiful and open for everyone.

Brutalist Barbican architecture


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